* Autumn's here ... May 01 2014

Yes; Autumn's here. And Photographers everywhere know what that means ...

Colour. Now, as I've mentioned before (& see the Dark & Moody gallery, if you've got behind on your reading ..), as I've mentioned before, there are essentially 2 kinds of Photographer ..

slaves to Light, & slaves to Colour. 

And how do I categorise myself ?. I think I sway between the 2. This is a subject I'll discuss further in a future Blog. For now, though, Colour. 

This means, for me at least, Mt Wilson, in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

Yesterday (April 30th, 2014) was an exploratory for me. My 1st visit.

I'm going back.


Keen & committed.

Tomorrow, I hope to shoot more formalised compositions, in established display Gardens. The images in this Blog are of a Candid style, gained in my initial rambling recce.

Tomorrow, it's serious. Tripods, Patience, Wide Angle & Telephoto. 

I probably won't sleep tonight...

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