* Little Garie & the Illawarra Escarpment February 12 2014

I sit at my Computer, with the mid-afternoon Sun streaming in. I watch as the afternoon progresses, trying to ignore the developing late-afternoon light. Trying to concentrate on something that doesn't really have to be done right now...I tell myself, for the 1,000th time, to concentrate...., & suddenly I find myself in the car, driving through the Royal, inevitably towards Garie. This image was the successful result of such a typical afternoon in my life. Rarely am I so lucky. The scene was so peaceful. After making sure I'd caught the best of it, I sat watching as the Day became Night. I left the car-park at 8.35pm, narrowly avoiding being locked in, & having to pay for the Gates to be re-opened. I'd had a swim, & bagged 1 of the best.. The memory of the late-evening Sun lighting up the Salt-laden sea-breeze won't be lost with the passing of time, because it's going to take its place as a Framed Print on the feature-wall at home. This image is available for purchase, & can be found in the `Royal National Park' collection.