My Favourite image - the chasing of Canola images around Canowindra (circa 2016) April 28 2018

My current Favourite image is really 2 images.

Canola & Trees in harmony on the Canowindra Rd .., &

A Study of Canola & Trees on the Canowindra Rd

I can't separate them. They were shot in sequence, & the success of that shoot marked the achieving of a particular goal. I still remember the impact seeing images of Canola fields in on-line image forums had on me. The shock-value of the most vibrant yellow I'd ever seen, often shot in superb contrast within delightful country settings. I had no idea where they were taken, & I'd never heard of the crop. I did my first Canola runs in the Spring of 2015. I was hooked, & I was unprepared. Canola season is early Spring, & I was still in Winter mode, trying for Spring snow-storm images. A couple of initial Canola runs with a friend that year had shown me that the Canola season had to be planned the same as the winter Snow runs. Long drives, with pre-visualised goals. The weather had to be watched. I didn't want to drive hundreds of kms to lose the shoot to rain. I wanted to shoot typical `Central Western NSW under Canola' images. That ruled out Pastels, so I didn't have to be shooting around Dawn. That was good... And, with my first `roo accident still very fresh in my mind, & having seen so much carnage on the roads from Canberra south to the Snowfields, I wanted to limit the Dusk & Dawn driving west of Goulburn, as much as possible.  

When the 2016 Spring came around, I was better prepared. I was hoping to avoid the `Canola-to-the-horizon' scenics that look so extraordinary in real life but so featureless & uninteresting on-line, & I'd found a site that looked exciting, although awkward to shoot. Lots of trees, mostly bunched near the fence, & sloping. I parked the car as safely as possible, fitted my longest zoom & started walking. If that sounds a bit random, yes. It is. Finding images is very difficult; shooting hand-held Panoramics isn't hard, but for every image that makes it onto a web-site, there's always lots of miles & lots of other images first. From memory, these images happened after Lunch (& there hadn't been anything before Lunch !!!), so I was feeling the pressure. The 1st image is a big scene, shot at 200mm; it has a great wide-field perspective that I love, with lots of points of interest across the image, but not so much depth that you switch off mentally. I was feeling a bit more positive.

 I continued walking, building a more condensed image in my mind.The 2nd image gave me a good connection with the features in the landscape. To see so many Trees in a Canola field is a rarity, so I was pretty happy after this. You're never sure the images will stitch, though, so you're on tenterhooks from that point until the images are successfully processed. That's always a relief, & both images were exactly what I'd hoped I'd find, with the weather & the Light being kind. These images came from the 1st of 5 Canola runs of Spring 2016, which was characterised by consistent rain events & heavy wide-scale flooding throughout the NSW Central West. As I prepare this Blog, 2 months later, the last Flood Warnings are being finalised, a long way downstream. These images can be found in the Country gallery, at: (above image), & (below)


Ask a Photographer about his or her favourite image, & watch the consternation build ... Images are typically gained after many months of planning & unsuccessful shoots. The first 2 images (see below) happened that way. When an image happens in that way, the pleasure is intense, as if to justify the struggle. Sometimes, though, an image happens quickly, & yet touches that perfect place in the brain. We often struggle to accept an image gained so easily, as if distrusting that an `instant' image can be as good. It's complicated ... My favourite Image can be expected to change, at any time.   

Previous favourite images can always be found in their Galleries;

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* The 3 Stages of a Dawn Photography shoot February 12 2017

I've wanted to write a Blog about how a Dawn shoot evolves for a while now. I had a Sunrise shoot last week which gave me some images that showed the 3 stages of a Dawn shoot perfectly. 

Photographers have to be strongly-motivated if they are to capture the scenes they want. A Photographer shooting Dawn would aim to be in position, rigged to shoot, at least 30 minutes before Sunrise. In this non-technical Blog, I've set out the timing & results that can be anticipated from a typical shoot. It varies widely, of course, depending on Cloud depth & positioning. 

This is written from a photographer's perspective, & covers the visual side of Sunrise. Some info about the Scientific side of Sunrise & Light-Diffraction follows at the foot of the blog. The images featured in this article will be featured on this website, & available for purchase, shortly. 

The early stage is usually between 30 & 10 minutes before Sunrise. The colours are clean & pure, pastels-based, tending to be more Pink & less Orange. The Sun is still well below the horizon, & it's rays are just starting to travel through the higher parts of the Earth's atmosphere, which holds less of the dust, petro-chemicals & salt-spray that exists in the atmosphere closer to the ground. In the Alps, where pollution is minimal, this early stage of Dawn & the last bits of Dusk can be just ridiculously Pink, with no hint of Orange.  To view this image Full-screen, go to:


The later stage of pre-Dawn sees the Orange building & the Pink going or gone. The Sun is getting close to the horizon, it's rays are reaching the atmosphere closer to the Earth's surface, where they colour-up the more particle-laden air. At this point, particularly on clear-Dawn shoots, the photography's getting a bit tricky. The horizon's on the edge of losing it's highlights, in what I like to call `Horizon Burn'. To view this image in Full-screen, go to:


In the post-Dawn stage, the Sun has risen above the horizon & the colours are diminishing fast. The Sun's rays are travelling through less atmosphere by the time we see them, so the colouring-up process is diminishing. When the pastel colours of Dawn change quickly & disappear as the Sun appears, it indicates that the thickness of the pollution that causes the colouring-up process is relatively thin. This `Boundary Layer' varies considerably, tending to be thickest in times of settled weather patterns & light winds. To view this image in Full-screen, go to:

For a more detailed explanation of the process, where the Light Spectrum is discussed in detail, I found an exhaustive array of discussion on the subject. One that summarised can be found at: 

I preferred the Wikipedia coverage of the colouring process; it can be found at:

Winter - the most Beautiful time of year .. July 16 2016

The most Beautiful time of year ?

Winter: that magical season. Gone so quickly ..

Some images make words superfluous.

This week's image: `Centre Valley - an intimate Skiiers Perspective' tells the story of a Winter's day, in Perisher Valley.

The scene is a celebration of Skiing at it's best. No-one around to spoil a special time, but tracks into the unknown, telling you they're there & hinting at what's to come. Poor visibility adds to the mood, conveying a sense of peace & silence.



Available as a block-mounted Canvas, in sizes up to 550 x 1815mm, this image looks best in a room with good levels of indirect Light. It's a special-size Panoramic image, with cost being dependant on size & despatch details. It can be viewed at:, or bookmark the New Images gallery. Please contact me through the Website; I'll call you back & we can discuss your requirements.

Winter ! (what are you Good for ... ?) July 10 2016

Winter's good for lots of things ...

it's a great time to have a look around you; at that time when the days are shorter & yet we're spending more time indoors. And Winter's a good time to give your living space a little upgrade. 

This week's image: `3 Trees in Soft Misty Light at Mt Blue Cow (Landscape)' is an exciting image. Shot on a misty evening at Mt Blue Cow, the image has a dreamy feel, with background fog softening the landscape & giving depth to the subject. The markings of the Snow Gums are on full display. The subtle textures in the Snow ground the image perfectly. 

Available as a Framed Print or Stretched Canvas, in sizes up to 360 x 540mm, this image will look beautiful in any decor. My recommendation is for a stylish Bellini wooden frame & a 75mm White Matt. Perhaps: Go to:, or bookmark the New Images gallery. Please contact me through the Website; I'll call you back & we can discuss your requirements.

Did Winter catch you napping .. ? June 27 2016

Autumn went on & on, & suddenly BOOM !!. Winter hits & we're freezing. And that's no fun. Here's my 2-point plan to beat the Winter blues' ...

1)   Buy this image

2)   Go skiing, & have your own adventure, searching to find where this image was shot. You can do it ...  you may even find your own special image !

And, at the end of the season, you'll have a glorious print on your wall, to help you relive the beauty of the Australian Alps. And all the cold will be forgotten.  

Available as a Framed Print or Stretched Canvas, in sizes up to 360 x 540mm, this image will look beautiful in any decor. My recommendation is for a beautiful Bellini wooden frame & a 75mm White Matt. Perhaps: . Go to:, or bookmark the New Images gallery. Please contact me through the Website; I'll call you back & we can discuss your requirements.

Looking for a `Feature Wall' image ? June 13 2016

If you're looking for a `Feature Wall' image with a (big) difference for home, you'll be totally satisfied with `the Cooma Rockfields - almost Africa ...' From the moment I shot this image, I've been in love with it, & I'm sure you will be, too.  At an image size of 945 x 2915mm, it's a big image, with lots of interesting elements. The colours & textures of the Cooma landscape are here in abundance, & the whole image is beautifully balanced.

Available as a Framed Print or Stretched Canvas, this image would complement any large room. Go to:, or bookmark the New Images gallery. Please contact me through the Website; I'll call you back & we can discuss your requirements.

Are you Fit for Winter ... ? June 05 2016

Are you Fit for Winter ... ?

Getting Fit for Winter is difficult; it requires a multi-platform approach. You can do all the sit-ups you like, but if your head isn't going along for the ride, you're not really preparing for Winter. By putting a beautiful Art-print of the Australian Snow Fields on your wall, you're committing. Go to: or bookmark the New Images gallery. Please contact me through the Website; I'll call you back & we can discuss your requirements.

Do you need to Lighten Up ? (your relaxation space ...) June 02 2016

 Do you need to Lighten Up ? (your relaxation space ...) :) 

If the answer is yes, all good. Choose between lots of colourful, light-hearted images, in the `Autumn' collection. Available as Framed Prints, Stretched Canvas' or Acrylic, a colourful image on your favourite wall will have you becoming a `stay-at-home' this Winter. Go to:, or bookmark the New Images gallery. Please contact me through the Website; I'll call you back & we can discuss your requirements.